Let me take you behind the scene #2

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Hello backers!

I have a new update for you. While you are waiting for finishing of our graphic novel I would like to take you behind the scene again. This time I want to show you the process of how I create comic pages:

  1. Designing the composition of panels and lettering as well as the composition of particular panels.
  2. Sketching the whole thing digitally.
  3. Printing it out.
  4. Putting it on the light table and tracing the sketch.
  5. Drawing the full lineart with pencil. (I skip inking to leave the pencil look in the drawing)
  6. Scanning back in computer.
  7. Adjusting contrast of the page.
  8. Creating frames of the panels.
  9. Laying the basic flat colors.
  10. Shadowing, creating lights and other effects.
  11. Adjusting colors of the scene.
  12. Adding lettering.




Now you probably have the idea how complex the whole process of creating a single page is.

I hope, that in the meantime, these looks behind the scene are interesting for you. Next time I would like to show you how I use 3D software to help myself build a belieavable perspective of non-existing objects or architecture in my sketches.

As always… Thank you for your patience! I am working on it…