Getting there…

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Hello backers and friends,

some of you ask for news because there have been none recently.  As we stated before, we haven’t fled with your money yet and we are still going to deliver you the comic book. This is important to bare in mind for those who would doubt us.

I talked about my commitment and my daily job before. We were thinking a lot and we were talking a lot about the present state which is characterized by its slowness. The only possibility how to finish the book as soon as possible that came out was to leave my daily work and focus mainly on finishing the book. This is not easy thing to stop earning money for living and refusing commissions but this is a fair step towards you that is realistic at the same time. This will also help me to focus on one thing and not many commissions during the day. That kind of work is the worst one as I learned. In the past I also went through a burnout and I don’t want to experience it again.

I need to finish my duties for Christmas and then you can expect more frequent updates, hopefully photos of rewards and printed stuff. I wish this book is finished, sent and offered to more people in comic bookstores.

Thank you for your endless patience. I really appreciate it so so much! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!!



PS: Here is another little preview in exchange for your patience…