Less than 25% to the goal!!

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Hi again,

We have the last 10 days and just less than 25% to go, so we believe we can make it! :)


Make sure to look at all of the add-ons and higher pledges, there are many great things you can get together with your pledge to qualify yourself to get the FREE short comics “Smell of FEAR” with $35 and higher amount pledged.

Most of the add-ons could be used also as a great gifts to your friends, family, co-workers… make them happy and get the gift for them right now!

 We are trying our best to get OTCOD among as many people as possible but it isn’t easy at all as there are so many KS comics projects currently running, but as we said before “It’s a story of hope, determination and overcoming of personal limits” so we have to prove it on this project by ourselves. :D

Stay tuned and adjust your pledge to get the great add-ons!

-Viktor and Michael