Let me take you behind the scene #1

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Hello backers,

We promised next update in two weeks. The time has been too fast recently. However, I feel that I entered the flow state. So I prepared a little sneak peak behind the scene to show you how I sometimes work.

In the original intended version of the story there was quite absence of action. In the extended version we took advantage of more space and we added one epic fight scene. You could have seen a flash from it before.


Here you can see how I solve some difficult anatomy poses that I design in thumbnails at first...



Yes. It is quite funny… but hey, this is how it works. We , comic artists, use a lot of photos of anatomy, vehicles, nature, faces and other things that might be otherwise painful to draw from scratch without any photo references. It makes the whole thing more belieavable…

2014-03-07 10.34.59


And this is how I transfer my vision into reality. You will not see the rest of it yet. This final picture will wait for you in the book…


I am going to show you more behind the scene in upcoming updates that will hopefully always bring also some more info about our progress.

We also re-opened the surveys so if you changed your mailing address you can let us know to make sure that the delivery will find you without complications. Please continue to Kickstarter to change your address.

Thank you!!