Michael, the artist, talks about his commitment

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Good day to all our backers and friends,

Some of you are quite tired due to our delay that is not only a few months long. Some of you are worried if they will ever see the book. For those who are doubtful I would like to assure you that you are going to have On the Coast of Dreams graphic novel. Please, stay calm and in your supportive mood – it helps and you don’t even know how much!


Leaving aside the printing and shipping the whole work that needs to be done is on me. I am the only one who can work with graphics and takes care of the whole visual side of the project. This is one of the toughest jobs of my carrer if not the toughest at all. It is really stressful and there has been a lot of pressure on me for a long time recently. More than job it is a commitment to you, our fans. And that is what frustrates me the most.

There were so many things that were badly planned. One of the biggest thing was to remake quite large part of the novel and extend it to give you the best of the original story that Viktor wrote. Now we know that we didn’t set up a good system for such a complex remaking and it slows the whole process a lot. We also made many mistakes in our campaign and had really bad timing with starting it. Just a month or two before we started the campaing we founded a “studio” where we work and support young artists that do great art and we feel a strong bond to this not easy task too – and of course, it is so time demanding. It is not an apology, it is part of the explanation. At the same time we are freelancers and need to feed ourselves with the regular paid job. I would like to remind that we have no single penny from your money – all it goes basically to printing and shipping.

I apologize to you for our delay. Thank you so much for this opportunity and growth. We learnt so much about our field, about you fans, about our possibilities and what we are able to do.


Current phase of the work is a kind of slavery. Manual drawing and coloring new stuff. I sometimes get really mad from it. We don’t want to spoil you the story visually and contextually so that is why there is nothing to show. But we can’t wait to show you at least a few of the new pages from parts of the story that you didn’t have chance to see before.


As we know that we are going to finish the book and send it to you we are not going to refund the money. But we would like to give one more free copy of the book to all of you who shall get the printed book according to his or her pledge so that you can have a really nice gift for someone who loves comics as you do. This is possible thanks to the reserve that we had in our budget and thanks to our great printing house that has agreed to give us very solid price for the printing recently.


We talked about it several times before. It will not be definitely so long but we are not going to say the deadline because there is so many variable factors influencing it as we have discovered during the last months. And we don’t want to postpone it again. So the verdict is tough but absolutely fair. It’s done when it’s done. But hey, don’t worry about the finishing at all. It is great opportunity for us to show our fantasies and art (even while trying to offer it to a publishing house) and we spent so much time on it that we can’t stop the whole thing now. It wouldn’t make sense for us. And what would we do with the finished work if not giving it to comic readers? It is just a question of balancing it with our jobs and finish it step by step till the end.


We also have read that some of you that had several bad experiences with projects that takes a long time to complete want to stop support similar projects. Of course, that is your decision… but please, do not look at that this way. We know very well how it looks like to be a freelancer and create own unpaid project during evenings (and what’s more, such a demanding project as a graphic novel). You not only buy a piece of art but you also give the opportuiny to artists in which you see the potential. Please, support what you like and who you like!!

Thank you!