Project Status November 2014

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Hi to all our patient fans and friends,

It’s been a while since we posted the last update. We also know that a lot of you guys are wondering what’s wrong with the delivery of your rewards that originally should have came to you in September. In fact there was not much to communicate. We have several really passionate fans who keep asking us tirelessly when the release date can be expected. So here we bring you the final statement. Some of the things will not make you happy, some of them can please you.

This is very hard and awkward situation for us but to tell the truth we do not know the exact date when our book will be released. Unfortunately, we know for sure that we are not going to make it before the end of the year. However, we are almost certain that the book will be finished in Q1 of 2015, we don’t want to set another date that we might not make. The whole problem around delaying is due to our bad time management regards to such an amount of work that On the Coast of Dreams requires. The story, script and language corrections are finished completely and the only thing that needs to be finished is the visual side which is of course usually the most time demanding part. As we announced in the past, we extended the book to be able to give you the whole story that Viktor created without any compromises.

We need to eat… so we need to earn some money for living in our regular life… so… we need to work for money. All the money we got from you here on Kickstarter is still waiting to be used to cover all the printing, rewards and shipping. We haven’t use a single cent for our own needs. In our jobs we are not employees, we are freelancers. That means that working with our time is often quite complicated according to current commissions that needs to be done to keep our jobs. That is the main reason why we were made to postpone the release date.

Believe us that you will get your book for sure. We want our book out among people as well as you want to read it. If our purpose was to deceive you on Kickstarter and just take your money, we won’t be here apologizing you but packing our bags and leaving to Bahamas or something like that ;) Please, don’t be afraid that you will never get your book and rewards into your hands. You will!

BETTER NEWS is that we prepared a compensation for your patient waiting. Not only the BONUS that the book is extended but we also have one BIG SURPRISE that will be announced soon. Many of you are worried about the packaging. We promise that we will make an effort to pack your rewards as well as possible to avoid any damage that can happen during the travel from Europe to other continents.

For those who bought our SPECIAL GLOWING GLASS SPHERE we are presenting some photos from the glasshouse (btw each of the sphere is handmade and thus original). They look great and are on their way to us.


We strongly believe that our fans, who are so much interested in our story and our work, have enough patience and benevolence to understand that this whole thing is really demanding for us. More than we originally thought. We also promise that we will be posting updates more frequently. Please, stay in your supportive mood. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

– Michael and Viktor


… the time is ticking but we aren’t finished yet…