The Last Update before printing and shipping

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As I informed you in the last update I was a bit late. Today I am finishing the last tweaks and write a little story about the origin of this comics with all its troubles. Meanwhile the letterer gets the last language corrections and can finish all the bubbles. Bubbles are the last thing before giving the green light to the printing house. After that it is just days to close the whole thing after your patient waiting that we extremely appreciate.


Once again for those who didn’t read the last update. Please, UPDATE YOUR CURRENT ADDRESSES in the reopened survey if you haven’t. This will help to prevent possible missing packages and resending them. We want you to get your books and other rewards alright.


One of your questions was what is the estimated time of shipping your rewards. We think the print house can make it in the second half of September and we are going to ship the rewards immediately. The EU backers will recieve their packages sooner than the rest of the world due to longer distances and more difficult logistics.




Meanwhile to make this update more interesting for you I would like to show you some behind the scenes stuff. This is just a little illustration of how I not only extended but also remade some panels that were bad. Have a look at a comparison of some old panels and the new ones.


This is from the begining of the story. Here I disliked the footprints, textures of the sand and mainly the sea. The difference is very obvious.

01 kopie


Some of the drawing were bad. Here it was the anatomy. I also added some pleasing effects – wet sand reflection



Here I just needed to remade the horrible face.



Some of the pages needed to be rewritten and remade completely so for example this page (from maquette printing) is not in the book at all.




Here is the little video showing all the physical pages without six double pages.



There are plenty of remade drawings and coloring that needed a facelift. On the other hand the very first drawings are more than 3 years old and some people will always be able to say the difference – that is called somtheing like “endless artist’s evolvement”.


It is just days to consider the book finished. Yaaaay!!!


– Michael