Video Update + new BONUSES

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Hi everybody!

we have several important news for you and one BIG surprise! And thus we want to share an update with you.

At first we want to point out the new BONUS fact for all the backers with a PAPER pack and higher pledges that all the printed books are going to be numbered so you will get LIMITED SPECIAL Kickstarter edition!

Another BONUS is that we are going to give out to all our backers who pledged $35 and more completely FREE short action comics about the war madness called “The Smell of Fear”. It will be distributed digitally (PDF and CBR) right after the end of the campaign. So if you have supported us with less than $35 make sure to adjust your pledge to get this FREE BONUS comics!

We also added a NEW add-on only for $5 to make the adjustments even easier:

  •  3 stickers
  •  3 badges
  •  Bookmark

The pack of all of these items costs just $5!




During the last weeks we did several interesting interviews (both in Czech and English) for different blogs and websites (all the links are here on our BLOG). In some of the reviews they asked us about the price breakdown of our project so here it is.

Even though we already have more than a half of our goal the time is running out. We still need your help to make this thing succeed. So choose your pledge or an add-on and don’t forget to share our project!

Let make this dream come true!


-Viktor and Michael

P.S. You can check this other cool comic on KS by our friend Joe: