We all are looking forward to this…

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Hello our forbearing supporters,


It’s been a longer time since we have posted an update. During that time things moved on and I feel like it is better with working time for me than before. Some of my wishes about working on daily job and working on the graphic novel couldn’t been fullfilled. This life lesson of mine shows me again and again that it is more difficult than I would ever imagine before we decided to get on Kickstarter.


A few of you are angry about the money that you gave to buy our book. We still believe that it was not only buying a thing but supporting something that you liked. And that is one of the reasons why we have never thought about calling it off. We just simply need to finish it whatever it takes.


Due to other job matters I need to have this book finished by this July at the latest! Ideally already printed. That is the time that we all are looking forward to. A relief for everyone.

Since the present work is stereotypical and there is nothing new to update (except revealing you the more of the story that would probably spoil you the rest of it) we collected several of your suggestions for updates. Here is one of them. We prepared some visuals from the process. The previews are small just because we do not want to make any spoilers.


This first visual shows how many pages the original comic book contained (37 pages) – my diploma work.



This one shows how many pages we added for Kickstarter version and other pages that we added later on when we saw that you like our story so much. Altogether it is roughly next 61 pages of script, sketches, lineart, coloring and lettering added to the original thing – some of them needed to be updated, divided etc. (The bonus content is not included in the preview).



An important note that we need to say. TOMAS HOLUB, the owner of this Kickstarter profile is NOT the one who delays the finishing of the book! The opposite is true. He is the one who let us the campaign become true and the one who has been so patient with us the whole time.


The next update will appear here in two weeks and will show you some behind the scenes stuff about the work. Just to keep you updated and give you some kind of content continuously. We know that being silent is not what you want from us. One of the future updates will contain the preview of all the finished and unfinished pages till the day we will post it so you will be able to see the current progress.


Again… Thank you for your extreme patience!


– Michael

Little sketch from the process