We know our commitment…

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The progress of finishing the book is not stuck. It just takes a lot of time. And we know it sucks! Because you are still waiting and because we feel bad about it. Stress is no good, so we keep working and try not to slow ourselves down with this commitment frustration

One of you asked us a few questions about the details of the present state of progress. We think it is a good idea to share it with all of you:

“1. As we stated in one of the previous updates we have the complete edited and extended version of the script – it took a while, language corrections, sketches for the whole thing and most of the pages. 2. Michael is working on the extended content, editing original pages and preparing bonus section. Unfortunately he is the only person of our team that can work on graphics. We also need to add lettering which is ready for the finished pages. Then we need to print it out and send. 3. this is the biggest issue for us. Due to our delay the print house needs to postpone our dates of printing. Unfortunately, we are not crossing the finish line yet. But we are getting there every day. You will get your book that is for sure.”  

We look forward so so much for releasing the book among people. We are very well aware of our commitment. We have already put so much energy and time into this and we trust it is worth it! We are going to give you all your rewards.

-OTCOD team